Bridge Rectifiers

  1. Diode Bridge Rectifier

    Diode Bridge Rectifier is designed as an arrangement of at least 4 diodes with capacitors that are required for converting alternating current into direct current of desired voltage. It provides same polarity of output for any voltage input. This rectifier is known to provide full wave rectification with high efficiency. It can be availed as single or three phase rectifiers as required according to the need & requirement of the system.
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  2. Bridge Rectifier Modules

    Bridge Rectifier Modules are the full wave rectifiers required for efficiently converting alternating current into direct current using four or more diodes. They are known to have low ripples in the output DC signals, high efficiency, and low power loss. These modules are comprised of transformer, resistor, diode, AC voltage source, and ground. They can also supply polarized voltage for the welding processes. These are utilized in almost all electronic equipments assuring proper voltage supply for their efficient working.
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  3. Three Phase Bridge Rectifier

    Three Phase Bridge Rectifier is specifically designed for converting three phase AC current into the desired voltage output DC power source. It uses six diodes with the corresponding circuit for its efficient working. This rectifier is completely suitable for the applications which require very high voltage or current including metal smelters. It has direct heatsink mounting, low junction to case thermal resistance, and complete compliance with RoHS.
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  4. FUJI Electric Rectifiers

    Fuji Electric Rectifiers are highly appreciated for their high voltage power bearing capacity and ability to provide protection against overheating and overcurrent situations. They are the type of electrical device which is utilized for converting alternating current into direct current in a single direction flow. These rectifiers are also used for detecting amplitude modulated radio signals and also supply polarized voltage for welding purpose.
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  5. FUJI PIM Module

    Fuji PIM Module is designed as an integration of three phase inverter, diode bridge, and braking circuits into a single unit. It is highly appreciated for having compact structure with lightweight nature. This module works by converting alternating power received from mains into direct current voltage with the help of rectifier. Capacitor installed in the module smoothen the pulsating output voltage helps in adjusting the speed & torque of electric motors.
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  6. Semikron Rectifiers SKT2408C

    Semikron Rectifiers SKT2408C are primarily designed for converting AC power into DC source of desired voltage. They allow only single direction flow of electrons with a special process known as rectification. These are generally installed in combination with transformers, voltage regulators, and smoothing filters. They can also be used in gas heating systems for detecting the presence of a flame. These rectifiers can also be utilized as a source of power for various applications.
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  7. FUJI Rectifier Modules

    FUJI Rectifier Modules structures are based on the latest power monitoring technology assuring their excellent performance with high efficiency. They are known to have low total harmonic distortion, adjustable voltage & current, with power density. These modules are required for rectification which straightens the direction of current and converts AC to DC of required voltage. They can be availed as single or three phase rectifier modules in configuration of half & full wave rectification.
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