Control Modules

Control Modules

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 IGBT Control Modules are designed in compact structure to provide high performance as well as efficacy. They are available with dual-channel driver core to meet the demands of 4kV and other applications like inverters, drives, etc. These modules are provided in 50mm x 50mm x 25mm and other dimensions with 12-pi and 1mm-pitch FFC connector. They come with bridge switching modules with non-overlapping operation of high side as well as low side drivers. They are available with higher power density, internal wiring and minimum output connections.

Features of IGBT Control Modules:

  • Excellent thermal management
  • High performance and efficiency
  • Minimum output connections with reduced assembly time
  • Size and cost reduction

Applications of Control Modules:

  • AC and DC motor drives
  • Induction heating and traction
  • Inverters and converters
  • UPS, SMPD, and battery chargers