1. EUPEC IGBT Module

    EUPEC IGBT Module BSM25GD120DN2 is designed to be used for three phase motor drive inverter, general power switching supplies, converter, SMPS, UPS, servo motors, and welding equipments. It is required for high voltage power applications to assure proper working of machines. This module is highly appreciated for high power density, integrated temperature sensor, low loss, and high level of power integration. It is comprised of a copper made base plate with N channel terminal. 
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  2. Infineon Eupec IGBT Module BSM50GD120DN2

    Infineon Eupec IGBT Module BSM50GD120DN2 is used for switching applications in various electronic devices featuring pulse repetition rates within the ultrasonic range. It is comprised of a MOS gate, emitter, p type material, and epitaxial drift region. This module has the characteristics of both gate drive characteristics of MOSFET including low voltage saturation capability of bipolar transistors with high current. It has inbuilt sensors for overheating and under voltage situations. 
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  3. EUPEC Igbt Module BSM75GD120DN2

    EUPEC Igbt Module BSM75GD120DN2 is highly appreciated for its ability to provide optimum voltage of power to the installed machines. It is comprised of four alternating layers of PNP bipolar junction which is controlled by MOS gate structure. This module is comprised of insulated gate bipolar transistor chip, capacitors, & resistors sintered or soldered on programmed printed circuit board. It is completely suitable to be utilized for all low to high power voltage applications. 
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  4. EUPEC INFENION Thyristor Module

    EUPEC Infenion Thyristor Module is mainly utilized for the applications where high voltage and high currents are involved. It is also ideal for alternating current using devices where change in polarity of current results in automatic switching off of the device. The operation performed by this module is known as zero cross operation. It is a type of three terminal four layered semiconductor device alternately having p & n type of terminals.
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  5. Power IGBT Module BSM150GB60DLC

    Power IGBT Module BSM150GB60DLC is comprised of built in insulated gate bipolar transistor with MOS gate structure. It is used in inverters, motor control, welding devices, and high power direct current transmission systems. This module is also suitable to be utilized for low medium voltage applications. It is known to have excellent efficiency with long lasting operational life. This IGBT module has combined characteristics of MOSFET & BJT. 
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    GTO Module is known as current controlled bipolar device which is designed to turn off the device when negative current is passed through the gate. It is comprised of a doped n+ cathode layer with low break down voltage of J3 terminal. This module also consists of anode junction formed by n base & p+ anode. Abbreviated for gate turn off thyristor, it is turned on by high current pulse whereas turned off with negative gate current pulse.
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  7. PIM Infineon Module FP40R12KE3

    PIM Infineon Module FP40R12KE3 is completely suitable to be used for controlling motors, medical equipments, inverters, air conditioning systems, and induction heating. It is designed having low stray inductance, high reliability & power density, copper base plate for having optimized heat spread, low switching loss, & solderable pins. Abbreviated for power integrated module, this is greatly admired for is low mounting cost, reliability, and fast operation. 
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  8. EUPEC thyristor diode module

    EUPEC thyristor diode module is designed having a metallic ceramic package with high reverse voltage. It finds its application for industrial machines including motors, battery charging rectifiers, AC temperature control, free-wheeling diodes, and high power drives. This module is comprised of an isolated aluminum base plate to assure its simple structure and reliable performance. It can also be used in soft starters for induction motors.
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