Electronic Components

  1. IGBT Gate Drivers Module

    IGBT Gate Drivers Module gives high performance and at the same time is reliable which enables a high power system design. There are integrated under-voltage and over-voltage systems which prevent the IGBTs from working outside of the optimal gate voltage range. The high side and low side drivers are not overlapped while operation. It is heavily utilized in inverters, drives & automation, UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), transportation, and medical. 
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  2. Power Module 2MBI150L-060

    Power Module 2MBI150L-060 allows full control over its turn on and turn off operations. It has vertically oriented layers of n-type and p-type semiconductor materials and the doping density in the emitter region is considerably greater than that in the base region. The emitter and base region are interleaved to prevent “current crowding” and “second breakdown”. The saturation region of this module is sub-divided into a quasi-saturation region and a hard saturation region.
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  3. SCR GTR Module

    SCR GTR Module is a kind of diode which is mainly used to convert alternating current to direct current. It is utilized in LED headlight bulbs, or 35w HID ballasts that prevent bulb out warnings or flickering. It can control reverse lights and other signal lights around the vehicle. The module can be operated manually or automatically. There are various testing methods available which test whether the module is working properly or not.  
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  4. Thyristor Diode

    Thyristor Diode has four layers of alternating p-type and n-type materials. It can control a large amount of power and voltage and is used in light dimmers and electric motor speed control. The diode can be either off or on; it can never be in a position in between. It is found in three states, they are reverse blocking mode, forward blocking mode, and forward conducting mode. It does not require a continuous supply of gate current to remain in the on state.
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  5. ABB IGBT Modules

    ABB IGBT Modules provide outstanding performance, efficiency, and longevity which are utilized in numerous applications including general purpose drives, servo-units, solar inverters, and wind applications. These modules have very low switching losses and high power density. The base plate is made up of copper and is isolated from rest of the module which results in a low power loss. An integrated NTC temperature sensor is attached to the transistor to measure the thermal stability. 
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  6. Thyristor Power Controller

    Thyristor Power Controller is used to control power/voltage supplied to some device. It typically finds application in industrial furnace construction or in plastic processing. The controller integrates with processes or machine’s automation network or can also operate independently. It precisely calculates and monitors the load resistance in the circuit to greatly improve the system performance. The current rating varies from 16 A to 4200 A and the rated voltage lies between 110 and 690 V.
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  7. PRX IGBT Module

    PRX IGBT Module is a three-terminal electronic component and utilized as a switching transistor for controlling the gate terminal voltage. It works under very high frequency and can retain its high switching speed for a long time. It has a huge bipolar current-carrying capability and combines the benefits of both BJT and MOSFET devices in the form of monolithic. It finds applications in power electronics, PWM (Pulse Width Modulated), SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supplies).
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  8. IPM Modules

    IPM Modules 7MBI100N-060 is renowned for its low loss, soft switching, and high reliability. It has an externally accessible thermistor embedded in it. The module is suitable for measuring substrate temperature. The standard input power supply is 1200V and is controlled by a single controller which is the internal bootstrap circuit and the output voltage is 100V. It is widely used as an inverter for motor drive and in AC & DC servo drive amplifier.
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  9. Infineon Bridge Rectifier

    Infineon Bridge Rectifier achieves full-wave rectification by combining four diodes in bridge type arrangement. It is manufactured using a substrate of Al2O3 which has low thermal resistance. It has an advanced reverse polarity protection and is utilized in energy saving lamp, mobile battery charger, and digital cameras. The rectifier has solder pins attached to it for mounting PCB. The forward voltage drop is very less and switching speed is also low which enables it to approach the zero time.
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  10. RF Power Module QM75TX-H

    RF Power Module QM75TX-H is made by using different parts such as discrete devices, bare die, and MMIC based parts. It is used in different systems including radar, electronic warfare, communication, and test & measurements applications. It is highly durable and can operate in most tough environments. It uses low voltages, higher currents, and low load resistances. The module is available in various sizes, shapes, designs and other specifications as per the requirements.
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