Fuji IGBT Transistor EVL31-050

Fuji IGBT Transistor EVL31-050
Product Description
We are known as the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Fuji IGBT Transistor EVL31-050 in the market. This transistor contains four alternating layers which are controlled by a metal oxide semiconductor gate structure without regenerative action. It is widely used for switching the electric power such as electric cars, trains, lamp ballasts, air conditioners and stereo system. Furthermore, this Fuji IGBT Transistor EVL31-050 is a perfect combination of high efficiency and fast switching.

  • Used in switch power supplies and traction motor
  • High current handling capabilities
  • As a switch in a single device



Fuji IGBT Transistor EVL31-050


1. Square Rbsoa
2. Low Saturation Voltage
3. Over Current Limiting Function  (3 Times Rated Current)
4. Igbt Is Three-Terminal Power Semiconductor Device
5. High Frequency Operation


1. Ac Drive Invert
2. Control
3. Ups, Uninterruptible Power Supply
4. Welding Power Supplies

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