Gate Turn Off Thyristor(GTO)

  1. Rectifier Diode

    Rectifier Diode VUO121-16NO1 is designed using direct copper bonding ceramic technology, improved temperature & power cycling, low leakage current & voltage drop, and planar passivated chips. It is used for main rectification, three phase bridge configurations, battery DC power supplies, DC motors, and input rectifiers for PWM inverter. Copper made isolated base plate of this diode assures its simple structure and highly efficient performance. 
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  2. Infineon EUPEC IGBT Module

    Infineon EUPEC IGBT Module BSM100GB60DLC is precisely designed using insulated gate bipolar transistor chip and other semiconductor assemblies sintered on a PCB. It is used as an electrical switch for converting alternating current to direct current source of desired voltage. This IGBT module is suitable to be used for electronic welding, general power switching applications, robot drives, UPS, & DC choppers.
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  3. SCR Rectifier Module CS610816B

    SCR Rectifier Module CS610816B is used for AC power control, over voltage protection, power switching, photographic flash lights, and a control element in phase angle triggered controllers. Abbreviated for silicon controlled rectifier, it is comprised of four p-n-p-n layers. This module consists of two terminals anode & cathode that are respectively connected to p type & n type materials. Its structure is based on mesa-type construction, where it is properly braced with tungsten plates assuring supreme strength. 
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  4. Power Transistors GT40T301

    Power Transistors GT40T301 are designed to be utilized for telecommunication, networking, data communication, and several consumer applications. They are the three terminal semiconductor devices which find its application for amplifying and switching electrical signals. These transistors are known to have the capability to handle high voltage and current situations with inbuilt sensors for high temperature and short circuit. They are also used for multi function printer, telecom line cards, laser distance sensing, and server & storage.
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  5. Fuji IGBT Modules EVK71-060

    Fuji IGBT Modules EVK71-060 are designed to be used as switching element for variable speed drives of motors, industrial machines, SMPS, & uninterrupted power supplies. They are known to have high energy efficiency due to their low power dissipation nature. These modules are highly compact in size, thus contributing equipment’s size reduction. They are highly appreciated for improving the device’s reliability and efficiency. 
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  6. IC transistor IGBT power intelligent module GT25Q101

    IC transistor IGBT power intelligent module GT25Q101 is considered as the functional integration of BJT devices & MOSFET in monolithic form. All of its components are isolated from the base plate to assure its simplified structure and higher working efficiency. This module provides under voltage and overcurrent protection with the help of IGBT technology. It also provides physical containment for power semiconductor devices.
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