IGBT Transistor

  1. Elevator Module

    Elevator Module 60MT80KB is designed by soldering IGBT chips, resistors, transistor, and other semiconductor devices mounted precisely on printed circuit board. It is required for controlled & reliable working of elevators as they stop at each floor. This module is highly appreciated for it trustworthy nature, long lasting operational life, and ability to handle short circuits, under voltage, and high temperature situation.
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  2. PRX IGBT Transistor

    PRX IGBT Transistor is designed with the combined characteristics of MOSFET and BJT that are required in power supply & motor control circuits. It is known to have high input impedance, high switching speed, and low saturation voltage. This transistor is highly appreciated for having the ability to handle to handle large collector-emitter currents with zero gate current drive. It is ideal to be utilized for automobile, home appliance manufacturing, intelligence, & military applications.
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  3. PRX IGBTs Module

    PRX IGBTs Module is designed to be used for melting, heating, & medical equipments, welding instruments, DC motors, battery chargers, and UPS. It is greatly admired for its ability to protect system from overheating and frequent short circuit situations. This module combines the simple gate drive characteristic of MOSFET with low saturation voltage feature of bipolar transistors. It is required for current switching to assure desired DC current voltage supply for proper running of devices. 
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  4. SWITCHES IGBT Transistor

    Switches IGBT Transistor is a type of minority carrier device which is known for its high input impedance and excellent bipolar current carrying capacity. It is designed as a functional integration of the MOSFET & BJT powers in monolithic form. This transistor is a semiconductor assembly which is utilized for the amplification of electronic signals. It is greatly admired for having low energy consumption, low sensitivity to vibration & mechanical shock, and very small size. 
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  5. Elevator Module 7MBR25LC120

    Elevator Module 7MBR25LC120 is required for controlled operation of lifts installed in shopping malls, residential buildings, offices, and government institutions. It is designed on the technology of insulated gate bipolar transistor chip assuring its excellent performance and durability. This module is comprised of a number of microprocessor chips with other semiconductor devices soldered on precisely designed printed circuit board. It is also equipped with sensors for providing protection during emergency including short circuit, power failure, & overheating situations.
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  6. FUJI IGBT Transistor 7MBP75JB-060

    Fuji IGBT Transistor 7MBP75JB-060 is designed having a high performance 6th generation chip with compact size and greater efficiency. It is made with solder free technology in compliance with RoHS and easy assembly. This transistor is considered as an ideal switching device which is utilized for power electronic applications including inverters, converters, VFDs, and power transmission systems. It is comprised of three terminals including collector, gate, & emitter.
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  7. FUJI Switching IGBT Module

    Fuji Switching IGBT Module is a key component when it comes to variable frequency drives, which act as inverter element. It is also suitable to be used for high voltage power applications for switching current in electronic devices. This module is known to have high temperature bearing capacity, low saturation voltage, and high efficiency. It is highly appreciated for having fast on/off switching resulting in less channeled voltage to the motor.
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  8. Recovery Rectifiers 6MBP30RTB060

    Recovery Rectifiers 6MBP30RTB060 are required for converting alternating current into direct current source for the device to efficiently work. They allow only single directional flow of electrons blocking the other. These rectifiers are used for high voltage DC power transmission systems and DC power supplies. They are known to have low reverse recovery time, less switching loss, and reduced noise. These are ideal to be utilized for applications that require high surge resistance.
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    Fuji RF Transistor is a semiconductor device having three terminals for connecting to the external source. It is utilized for the amplification and switching of electronic signals & power. This radio frequency transistor is known to have the capability to withstand short circuit and over temperature situations. It is ideal to be used for applications having frequency range of 5 GHz to 14 GHz. This transistor finds its use for Bluetooth, AMR, low noise amplifiers, and FM radio.
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  10. Fuji SCR Thyristor

    Fuji SCR Thyristor is a solid state current controlling device which works on the principle of four layer p-n-p-n switching. Abbreviated for silicon controlled rectifier, it finds its use for motor control, power regulators, lamp dimming, AC power control, and gas tungsten arc welding process. This thyristor is also used for high voltage DC electrical transmission systems. It is highly appreciated for its ability to handle high power and fast response.
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  11. Electronic IGBT Diodes

    Electronic IGBT Diodes are considered as current gatekeepers for inverters, VFDs, variable sped refrigerators, induction devices, and air conditioning systems. They are highly trustworthy while working with high voltage power and have the ability to protect devices from under voltage and high temperature situations. These diodes are the semiconductor devices that are utilized as electronic switch. They have four alternating layers of PNP bipolar junction.
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  12. SANREX new original IGBT module DF150AA160

    SANREX new original IGBT module DF150AA160 100% new original made in Japan stock: 500pcs delivery time: 1-2 days warranty:90-180 days
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