1. Infineon Thyristor Module

    Infineon Thyristor Module is the bipolar semiconductor assembly which is utilized several electronic application of low to high power. Components of this module are assembled in high pressure contact and by solder bond technology assuring its optimum performance and low cost operation. It is utilized for low voltage soft starters, electrical drives, and general purpose power supplies. This module is highly appreciated for having compact structure and durable performance. 
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  2. Elevator IGBT Modules

    Elevator IGBT Modules are known to provide direct torque with high efficiency for the lift motors. They are designed having insulated gate bipolar transistor chip which is comprised of four alternating layers of PNP bipolar junction which is controlled by MOS gate structure. These modules are greatly admired for having the capability to handle high voltage power and inbuilt sensors for short circuit, overheating, and under voltage conditions. 
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    Infineon IGBT Module is made using cutting edge technology and can be availed for various voltage range, current ratings, and topologies for different applications. It is completely suitable to be utilized for solar power inverters, wind turbines, motor control, and induction heating. This module is known to have high current density & low power dissipation which results in its low heat sink and higher efficiency.
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  4. INFINEON IGBT Transistor

    Infineon IGBT Transistor is a semiconductor device which finds its application for the amplification & switching of electrical power & signals. The current at its one pair of terminals is controlled by the voltage applied to another. It is comprised of three terminals for connecting external circuit. This transistor can be used to make integrated circuit by connecting them in large numbers. It is known to have low sensitivity to vibration & mechanical shock.
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  5. Infineon Rectifier Module

    Infineon Rectifier Module is required for allowing single direction current flow by converting alternating current into direct current of desired voltage. It can be utilized in various railway rolling stock systems for efficiently controlling traction motors. This module is known to have high power density, walk in start feature, and low operating noise. It has high efficiency, low harmonic distortion, and optimum working temperature range.
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  6. IGBT Driver Module

    IGBT Driver Module is required for complete control of your power semiconductor applications. It is comprised of isolated power supplies, transistors, microprocessor chips, resistors, & capacitors, all mounted on precisely designed PCB. This module is ideal to be used for medium to high voltage power devices including industrial machines, telecommunication industry, automobiles, and automotive sector. It also provides protection against over current and short circuit situations.
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  7. Infineon Bridge Module

    Infineon Bridge Module is available in solder pin design in completely & half controlled rectifiers configurations with insulated gate bipolar transistor brake. It finds its application for automation, electric toys, industrial DC motor control, and robotic technologies. This module provides wireless communication between various electronic devices including on/off or dimmer switch modules and system controllers. According to the model, it has the capability to control a minimum of three switches simultaneously. 
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  8. Infineon IPM Module

    Infineon IPM Module is highly integrated semiconductor devices which find its application for drive motors of fans, industrial machines, home appliances, and pumps as well. Abbreviated for intelligent power module, it is known have high energy efficiency, cost effective nature, and compact structure. This module is also suitable to be used for three phase AC and permanent magnet motors. It belongs to the family of control integrated power systems.
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  9. Infineon IGBT Module FP40R12KE3 IGBT

    Infineon IGBT Module FP40R12KE3 IGBT is ideal to be used for induction heating, medical & health care equipments, air conditioning systems, and AC motor drives. For optimized heat spread, it is comprised of a copper base plate with solderable pins. This IGBT module is known to have high switching frequency, low switching losses, and compliance with RoHS. It enables higher level of integration with high power density. 
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  10. EUPEC thyristor module DDB6U104N16RR

    EUPEC thyristor module DDB6U104N16RR is ideal for all purpose rectifiers & free-wheeling diodes, high power drives, medium traction applications, and soft starters for induction motors. It is a type of solid semiconductor device having four alternating layers of p & n type materials. This module also finds its use for high voltage power transmission, light dimmers, and electrical power control. It also has the capability for conversion of high voltage direct current to or from AC.
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  11. Eupec IGBT Modules

    Eupec IGBT Modules are made having voltage controlled metal oxide semiconductor gate, PNP bipolar junction, and isolated copper base plate assuring its simplicity and efficient performance. They are the type of switching or amplification semiconductor device which finds its use for UPS, DC servo & robot drives, inductive heating, welding equipment and DC choppers. These modules are the three terminal power devices that are known for their high frequency operation.
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  12. INFINEON Power Module

    Infineon Power Module is designed by sintering or soldering dies on to the power electronic substrate for providing electrical, thermal contact & insulation whenever required. It has a wide range of applications including power solar panels, wind turbines, tidal power plants, industrial machines, and electronic vehicles. This module is comprised of single power electronic switch and numerous semiconductor dies. It is known to have low thermal resistance with high system reliability.
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