Inverter Module

  1. Fuji Thyristor Module

    Fuji Thyristor Module is designed to be utilized for those applications where high voltage & current are involved. It can also be utilized as an enhanced circuit breaker for digital circuits to prevent damage to the downstream components. This is three terminal, four layered device having alternatively arranged p & n type materials. It has three states including reverse blocking, forward blocking, forward conducting modes.
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  2. Inverter Module

    Inverter Module is known to have the ability to efficiently bear various types of power disturbances including harmonic loads, surges, and voltage fluctuations. It is comprised of a single power electronic switch and multiple semiconductor dies connected to form an electrical circuit. This module is known to have lower inductance, compact size, shared cooling for IGBT, bus, & capacitor, and fast switching time.
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  3. Drive IC Module MBN1200D33A

    Drive IC Module MBN1200D33A is designed as a set of semiconductor materials for electronic circuits placed on a small chip. It is used in industrial machines for controlling the working of AC motors, inverters, converters, and VFDs. This module is made using die bonding technology fixing with the help of epoxy glues assuring its reliability & durability. It works by processing continuous signals and performs several functions including amplification, demodulation, & mixing.
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  4. MITSUBISHI Diode Module

    Mitsubishi Diode Module is utilized for rectifying frequencies in inverter circuits and also for high speed switching applications. It is also used in batteries, AC motor power supply, and control boards. This module is known to have low loss high speed switching due to its trench gate structure. It is highly appreciated for its long lasting operational life, high efficiency, and RoHS drive compliance.
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  5. Mitsubishi Elevator Module cm600du-24nf

    Mitsubishi Elevator Module cm600du-24nf is designed to be utilized in heavy duty construction vehicles, lifts, marine industry, and conveyors. It is known for its trustworthy nature, durability, and efficient performance. This module is comprised of aluminum nitride ceramic insulated metal base plate assuring its efficient heat transfer. Designed on IGBT thyristor technology, it consists of capacitors, transducers, and IC chips mounted on PCB.
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  6. Electronic Module CD611216

    Electronic Module CD611216 finds its application for inverters for renewable energies including solar panels, wind turbines, motor controls for industrial machines, power plants, and electric vehicles. It is comprised of a single power electronic switch including MOSFET, BJT, or IGBT or diodes for creating module topology. This electrical device assembly acts as a physical containment for various power components. The semiconductors utilized for making module are soldered on power electronic substrate.
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  7. Igbt Module MG30V2YS40

    IGBT Module MG30V2YS40 is constructed having an n-channel power MOSFET and p+ collector resulting the formation of vertical PNP bipolar junction transistor. Abbreviated for insulated gate bipolar transistor, it is comprised of IGBT chip having MOS gate that is required for controlling the four alternating layers. This module has high current carrying capacity with low saturation voltage ability. It is ideal to be utilized for medium to high voltage applications including induction heating and SMPS.
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  8. Power Transistor

    Power Transistor

    Power Transistor is a three layer NPN or PNP device which is utilized to amplify & switch electronic signals and power. It is comprised of semiconductor material having a minimum of three terminals for connecting to external circuit. When used in integrated circuits, this transistor is known as power devices. It does not contain cathode heater resulting in low power consumption. Large number of small transistors can be combined and made as a single integrated circuit. 
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  9. Silicon Controlled Rectifier Module

    Silicon Controlled Rectifier Module is required for the applications that have high voltage & power. It is comprised of four semiconductor layers forming NPNP or PNPN structures. P-type material of this structure is connected with anode terminal whereas cathode terminal to n-type material. It has three modes of operation including forward blocking, forward conduction, and reverse blocking. This is also utilized for rectification of high power alternating current in high voltage DC power transmission.
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  10. SEMIKRON IGBT Module

    Semikron IGBT Module is a three terminal semiconductor device utilized for switching electrical power including VFDs, trains, electric cars, and lamp ballasts. It is known to have huge bipolar current carrying capacity with the benefits of both MOSFET & BJT devices. Abbreviated for insulated gate bipolar transistor, having emitter, collector, & gate as 3 terminals. Its metal oxide gate controls the four alternating layer of PNP junction.
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