IXYS Thyristor Module

  1. IXYS Semiconductor

    IXYS Semiconductor is used for amplification, switching, and energy conversion. It can pass current unidirectionally and is sensitive to light or heat. It is utilized for making various kinds of electronic devices including diodes, transistors, optical sensors, light-emitters, solid-state lasers, and integrated circuits. This semiconductor is highly compact, reliable, power efficient, and available at low cost. It has direct or indirect band gap and can emit photon upon excitation by necessary wavelength.
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    IXYS IGBT MODULE MCC95-16IO1B is a discrete semiconductor module and has a screw mounting style. The minimum forward Vf voltage required is 1.5V and maximum is 1600V. It operates a wide range of temperature from -40°C to 125°C and has very low saturation voltage. The Gate trigger current is 150mA and the maximum holding current is 200mA. This module comes with a 1-Phase controller and can operate at high frequencies.
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  3. IGBT Module Supply

    IGBT Module Supply has the attributes of both power MOSFET and BJT devices so it has the optimal device characteristics. Two IJBTs are connected to each transistor in a half-bridge configuration. The heat sinking base plate is isolated from all the components and interconnects which makes system assembly simple. It has low saturation voltage and operates under high frequency. It finds application in AC drive invert, UPS, and welding power supplies.
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  4. IXYS Module MCD162-16i01

    IXYS Module MCD162-16i01 is manufactured using direct copper bonded Al2O3-ceramic which gives it a long-term stability. It has a thyristor for line frequency and the chip is of planar passivated type. The base plate is made of DCB ceramic and the module comes with soldering pins for PCB mounting. It finds application in soft start AC & DC motor control and power converters. It is also utilized in lighting & temperature control and AC power control.
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  5. IXYs IGBT Module

    IXYS IGBT Module is mainly used as an electronic switch and has very high efficiency. It has no effect of latchup & secondary breakdown and does not burn out at very high currents. The module is suitable for applications where the switching frequencies are above 20 kHz. It has a high power density, low switching loss, short circuit capability and is minimum parasitic. It can work seamlessly in a wide temperature range from -40°C to 150°C.
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    RF POWER MODULE converts a low-power radio frequency (RF) signal into a higher power signal. It is available in different classes such as class A, class B, class C, and class E and has Push/Pull topology. It is mainly used for driving transmitter antenna, weather sensing, and voice & data communication. The module is designed for High-Frequency Band and supports AM, CCW, and SSB operating modes. It has an idle current of 500mA.
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  7. Semiconductor Rectifier Module

    Semiconductor Rectifier Module is made from two different doped semiconductor materials. It has numerous applications including isolation, switching, biasing, controlling, signal processing, and level shifting. Its main purpose is to conduct current preferentially and stop the current flow in opposite direction. The module is designed to rectify and control the power of devices and manage the thermal conductivity with high efficiency. It provides highest performance rate due to its sturdy and reliable design.
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  8. Power Module VUO62-12No7

    Power Module VUO62-12No7 provides high commutation speed and good efficiency at low voltages. It is basically used to cool down devices and connect the outer circuit. The module is utilized in power supplies, DC to DC converters and low voltage motor controllers. It can convert a voltage source into a lower regulated voltage and can handle significant power levels. This power module has a rated voltage of 120 V and the supply voltage is 60 A.
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  9. Power IGBT Modules MCC95-16i01B

    Power IGBT Modules MCC95-16i01B has various applications including controlling of heat, light, and temperature, soft start AC motor controller and DC power control. It has Gate-cathode twin pins for mounting PCB. The module has an isolation voltage of 3600V and the chips are planar & passivated. It can easily be mounted using only two screws and thus saves space and weight. The temperature and power cycling is improved and eliminates the need of protection circuits. 
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  10. Power Mosfet Modules MCC250-12I01

    Power Mosfet Modules MCC250-12I01 is used for different purposes including DC/AC motor control, power converting, and line rectifying 50/60 Hz. The base plate of the module is made from DCB ceramic and soldering pins are provided for PCB mounting. The maximum reverse/forward blocking voltage is 900V in case of non-repetitive and 800V in case of repetitive blocking. It has a total power dissipation of 820W and junction capacitance of 438pF.
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  11. SCR IGBT Module Thyristor Diode new and original CS241210

    SCR IGBT Module Thyristor Diode new and original CS241210 BRAND: prx 100% new origina;
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