Power Module

  1. Rectifier Diodes

    Rectifier Diode is most commonly utilized for power supply operations to allow electrical current to flow only in single direction. It is designed for rectifying the alternating current to assure proper voltage supply for the efficient running of equipments. Silicone diode is most widely used for this application due to its larger junction surface. It is highly appreciated for having the ability to handle high current flow.
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  2. Welding Machine Mitsubishi IC IGBT Module

    Welding Machine Mitsubishi IC IGBT Module is highly appreciated for low power drive, high frequency operation, isolated base plate, and fast recovery. It assures optimum power voltage supply to the welding equipment from AC source ensuring device’s optimum performance & durability. This module is comprised of precisely programmed IGBT chip sintered on PCB plate. It is ideal to be utilized for low to high voltage applications.
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  3. Darlington Transistor

    Darlington Transistor finds its application for safety & amplification in order to create input stage for of touch sensitive switch. It is designed as a compound structure of two bipolar transistors required for double current amplification. This transistor is used where input current required for switching on a transistor is very low. It is highly appreciated for providing higher current gain as compared to each transistor.
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  4. SANREX Igbt Switching Module

    Sanrex Igbt Switching Module is structured having N channel & P+ collector, both forming PNP bipolar junction with four alternating layers that are controlled by metal oxide semiconductor gate structure. It is known to have the capability to provide short circuit, under voltage, and overheating protection. This module is ideal to be utilized in inverter, servo motor, automobiles, industrial machines, medical equipments, and converters.
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  5. Semikron Diodes SKM300GB174D

    Semikron Diodes SKM300GB174D are designed having N channel silicone homogenous structure with low inductance case. They find their application for AC inverter drives, DC bus voltage, public transport auxiliary systems, and non linear switching applications. These diodes are known to have self limiting nature with short circuit & under voltage protection and direct copper bonded isolated base plate. They are comprised of two terminals called as anode & cathode.
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  6. GTR Transistor

    GTR Transistor is designed to be utilized for high power switching and motor control applications. It is a semiconductor device having three terminals for connecting to external circuits. This transistor can amplify the signals by providing high power output as compared to the input current. It is a type of bridge rectifier which can also be used in converters and inverters. This semiconductor device also finds its application in many integrated circuits. 
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