TOSHIBA Bridge Rectifier Transistors

TOSHIBA Bridge Rectifier Transistors
Product Description
Being an illustrious firm in this domain, we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a pristine quality TOSHIBA Bridge Rectifier Transistors. These products are available with emitter, base & collector 3 terminals and emitter base and collector base junctions. Our offered transistors can be used as an amplifier and as a switch. Also, these TOSHIBA Bridge Rectifier Transistors contain diode of silicone material for exhibiting the voltage drop of 0.6V across its terminals.

  • High-frequency operation
  • Low saturation voltage
  • Overcurrent limiting function



TOSHIBA Bridge Rectifier Transistors


1. Square Rbsoa
2. Low Saturation Voltage
3. Over Current Limiting Function  (3 Times Rated Current)
4. Igbt Is Three-Terminal Power Semiconductor Device
5. High Frequency Operation


1. Ac Drive Invert
2. Control
3. Ups, Uninterruptible Power Supply
4. Welding Power Supplie

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