1. Toshiba IGBT Module MG50Q6ES41

    Toshiba IGBT Module MG50Q6ES41is extensively used in high power switching and motor control applications. It has 6 IGBTs built into a single package due to which it has a high-speed operation. The electrodes are separated from the outer case to provide better insulation. It has a maximum forward DC/collector current of 50A. The highest power dissipation of collector at 25°C is 250W. It operates under a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. 
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  2. Bipolar IGBT Transistor

    Bipolar IGBT Transistor consists of three terminals namely emitter, collector, and gate with a bipolar current carrying capacity. It is mainly used to increase the efficiency and performance and also to reduce the audible noise level. This transistor is famous for its rapid switching time, low resistance, and high input impedance. It is also utilized in amplifier circuits such as MOSFETs or BJTs and resonant-mode converter circuits. The transistor is integrated with a FET in Darlington type configuration. 
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  3. IGBT Gate Drivers

    IGBT Gate Drivers are helpful in improving the reliability and efficiency of systems due to their negative gate drive capability. They solve the problem of both single channel and dual channel. These drivers are greatly used in motor drives, isolated power supplies, smart grid infrastructure, and numerous industrial applications. They generate voltage and current level that is required to activate the power stage in industrial, consumer, computer and automotive applications.
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  4. Toshiba IGBT Elevator Module

    Toshiba IGBT Elevator Module is mainly used in the elevator circuit as a switching component. It has a very good thermal resistant and operates at high frequency. The module is easy to install and improves the heat dissipation of devices. It is made up of high-grade silicon carbide material which can be used as an energy efficient power device. It can operate seamlessly at very high temperatures and helps reduce power loss. 
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    TOSHIBA IPM IGBT Module is ideal for high-speed switching drive. It is manufactured using quality grade silicone material and has a bootstrap diode embedded in it because of which there is an increased level of reliability. The module is well-known for its low saturation voltage, high frequency operation, and over current limiting function. It can be used in different areas including power supply, AC current drive inert and control functions.
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  6. Toshiba GTR Module

    Toshiba GTR Module provides safety & protection against over speed, low oil pressure, emergency stop, and high water temperature. It has three different operation modes namely manual, auto, and off mode. This module has an LCD screen attached to it which displays the running status, power status, and low battery voltage warning. It has 10 soldering pins to adjust different parameters according to requirements. The module comes up with enhancement mode and includes a complete half bridge in one package.
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  7. TOSHIBA Thyristor Module

    TOSHIBA Thyristor Module finds application for welding, direct current (DC) motor control, static switches, and electric furnace temperature control. It has the ability to apply a pulse current to a gate current for the purpose of turning. It is manufactured using high-quality silicon or germanium which has 4 layers of alternating n and p-type materials. The module is encapsulated and the base plate is electrically insulated which ensures long working lifetime.
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    MITSUBISHI IGBT Module CM1400DU-24NF is used in AC drive inverters, servo control, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and welding power supplies. It has a square reverse biased safe operating area (RBSOA) and low saturation voltage. The system assembly is very simple because all the interconnected components are isolated from the heat sinking base plate. It combines both the attributes of MOSFET and BJT devices. Every module in the transistor consists of 2 IGBTs.
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  9. TOSHIBA RF Transistor mg400h1fl1

    TOSHIBA RF Transistor mg400h1fl1 is designed to handle high-power radio frequency (RF) signals in devices such as stereo amplifiers, radio transmitters, and television monitors. It is manufactures using silicon or germanium materials and doped with impurities to induce changes in electrical properties. This module has a good power gain and noise figure which gives a measure of the amount of noise added during operation. It is Pb-free and available in different packaging types such as cut tape and mouse reel.
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  10. TOSHIBA Bridge Rectifier Transistors

    TOSHIBA Bridge Rectifier Transistors exploit the “gain reversal” phenomenon shown by a saturated bipolar transistor. These rectifiers find application as a signal-level detector (AGC detector). A PNP transistor will provide rectification for positive half cycle whereas an NPN transistor will give rectification of negative half cycle. They can also be used as an amplifier or a switch. The transistors are specially designed to build a diode or rectify low AC current with a voltage drop of 0.03V.
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  11. IGBT Power Switching Modules

    IGBT Power Switching Modules comprises of several components including controlled silicon, frd, bridge rectifier, IGBT absorption capacitor, PFC capacitor, and aluminum electrolytic capacitor. They are widely utilized as switching elements for power converters, inverters, transportation, and uninterruptible power supplies. They have switching voltage of up to 30V. These transistors operate in two regions known as the saturation region and the cut-off region and are used to switch a low voltage DC device ON or OFF.
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  12. TOSHIBA IGBT modules

    TOSHIBA IGBT Module is applicable in variable speed motor drives and continuous power supplies for computers. It is helpful in reducing energy requirements and weight of devices due to which its demand is increasing at a heavy rate. The module is used for several purposes including high-speed voltage switching, gate voltage control of a power Mosfet and large current handling capacity of a bipolar transistor. It has high sturdiness and reliability so it has very long working lifespan.
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