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  1. Semiconductor Rectifiers Module

      Semiconductor Rectifiers Module is required for converting alternating current into direct current, which moves in only single direction. It straightens the direction of the current by a process which is known as rectification. This module find its application in UPS, welding power supplies and AC drive invert units. It is comprised of semiconductor diodes, which prevent the flow of current in the opposite direction. This rectifier module is highly appreciated for having low saturation voltage, over current limiting function, and high frequency operation.
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    • RF Transistors Module

        RF Transistors Module is a type of semiconductor device which is required for amplifying & switching electronic current power & signals. Abbreviated as radio frequency transistors, it is comprised of minimum of three terminals for connecting to the external circuit. This module finds its application for telecommunication industry, scientific equipments, avionics, radar & defense communications, and electronics. It is comprised of four layers that are controlled by metal oxide semiconductor.
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      • IC Drive Module

          IC Drive Module is required for controlling the working of motors in industrial machines, autonomous robots, & and variable frequency drives. This integrated circuit chip works by receiving signals from the microprocessor and then transmitting to the motors. Having two voltage pins allows them to easily draw current for their working from one and to apply voltage to the motor with the help of another.
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        • FUJI Rectifier Module

            Key Points
            • Fuji Rectifier Module is installed in radio, television and computer systems to convert alternate current (AC) into direct current (DC)
            • This transmit power with high intensity and eliminate power distortion
            • Ideal for both single phase and multi-phase circuit
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          • FUJI Automotive Rectifier

              FUJI Automotive Rectifier is required for charging the battery installed in vehicles and to provide power to the electrical system while engine is running. One of the main components of this rectifier is diodes, which makes the complete assembly consistently reproducible & provides intrinsic ruggedness. It is highly appreciated for having ultra-low conduction & reverse losses and high junction temperature capability. This automotive rectifier uses slip rings that provide extended brush life.
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            • Fuji Electric Automotive IGBT Module

                Fuji Electric Automotive IGBT Module is used for traction motor control, induction heating, power supplies of switch mode, and another medium to high power systems. Abbreviated for insulated gate bipolar transistor, it is known for low conduction losses and completely trustworthy nature. This module is comprised of metal oxide semiconductor gate structure which is required for controlling four alternating layers of this assembly. According to its configuration, it has the capability to control loads of hundreds of kilowatt.
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              • Fuji IGBT Inverter Circuit

                  Fuji IGBT Inverter Circuit is required to control the inversion of direct current power in alternating source of required output voltage & frequency. It is highly appreciated for producing sinusoidal waveform of output voltage. This circuit is utilized in solar inverters, power factor correction converters, and uninterrupted power supply systems. With the use of switching technique of variable high speed power semiconductor, harmonic content of the received voltage can be minimized.
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                • FUJI IPM Module

                    FUJI IPM Module is required to control & optimize the use & distribution of power in electronic devices and computer systems. Abbreviated for intelligent power module, it is highly appreciated for its ability to monitor & regulate temperature & voltage, provide overcurrent protection, limit current, & distribute load efficiently. Most commonly utilized in three phase motors, this module acts as a control system for their proper working.
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                  • IGBT FUJI Electric Module

                      IGBT FUJI Electric Module is a compact assembly which is designed to be installed in systems as switching elements having variable speed drives. It is known to reduce heat generation by up to 36% as compared to other such assemblies. This electric module improves the reliability of the equipment, reduces power dissipation, and enhances the performance. It is most commonly utilized in solar power panels, wind turbines, tidal power plants, and electric vehicles.
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                    • Fuji Electric IGBT Module

                        Fuji Electric IGBT Module is utilized as an electronic switch for converting alternating current to direct power source of desired voltage. It is a type of three terminal power semiconductor device having four alternating layers of n-channel & p+ collector. This module is comprised of latest 7th generation IGBT chip having closed direct water cooled aluminum jacket resulting in achieving high power density. It is also equipped with temperature sensing diode for providing accurate temperature measurement.
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                      • FUJI Power Transistor

                          Fuji Power Transistor is required for amplifying electronic signals and electrical power. For connection of external circuits, it is comprised of semiconductor material having minimum of three terminals. As compared to vacuum tubes, this transistor is known to reduce power consumption and decrease equipment size. It is highly appreciated for having the capability to withstand high voltage and it also protects from overcurrent situations. This transistor works by producing bigger output electrical power by taking low amount.
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