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IGBT Module

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  1. Igbt Module

    Igbt Module PM15CEA060 is specifically designed to be utilized in industrial machines to provide efficient electrical power distribution and to provide protection against under voltage & short circuit situations. It is made by combining MOSFET gate for input control and bipolar transistor for switching power. This module is known to have high load bearing capacity with low voltage saturation. It also finds its application in telecommunication industry, aerospace, and servers.
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  2. Thyristor IGBT Module

    Thyristor IGBT Module is designed to turn on & off rapidly with the installed device. It is required for the efficient & reliable power distribution and to convert AC power source into DC. It is comprised of four alternating layers of PNP junction that are controlled by MOS gate. This module is ideal to be utilized for low to high voltage applications. It is highly appreciated for having high input impedance and large bipolar current carrying capacity.
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  3. EUPEC IGBT Module

    EUPEC IGBT Module is comprised of N channel, isolated copper base plate, and voltage controlled MOS input. It finds its application in DC choppers, electronic welding equipments, DC servo & robot drives, three phase motor drive inverter, and uninterrupted power supplies. This module is known to have high level power integration, low losses, integrated temperature sensor, and excellent power density. Its design is based on the IGBT4 chip technology assuring its reliability & excellent performance.
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  4. IGBT Module

    IGBT Module is utilized as a power switching semiconductor device required for converting AC to DC of desired voltage. It is widely used in medical equipments, industrial machines, DC motor inverters, and variable frequency drives. Abbreviated for insulated gate bipolar transistor, this module consists of four alternating layers of P-N junction. This three terminal semiconductor device is known to have high bipolar current carrying capacity.
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  5. IGBT Module 150A 1400V

    IGBT Module 150A 1400V is a type of three terminal electronic component including emitter, collector, & gate. Collector & emitter are associated with the conducting path whereas gate controls them. To make it optimal device, this module combines the characteristics of both BJT & MOSFET. It finds its use for uninterrupted power supplies, switched mode power supplies, pulse width modulated, inverters, & converters.
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  6. Rectifier Diodes Modules

    Rectifier Diodes Modules are designed to be efficiently used for high voltage & power applications including generators, battery chargers, motor drives, & electroplating. They are comprised of a cathode & anode that allow current to flow only in one direction. These rectifiers are used to convert alternating current into direct current. They have the capability to handle higher current flow as compared to regular diodes.
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  7. Mitsubishi Ipm Module

    Mitsubishi Ipm Module is an integrated device which is capable of controlling high voltage DC to 3 phase output applications. Abbreviated for intelligent power module, it has the ability for drawing excellent performance from IGBT chip. This module has inbuilt self protection functions including short circuit, under voltage, and over temperature. It is highly appreciated for having low power loss, compact structure, and lightweight nature.
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  8. ABB Module

    ABB Module is designed having a unique motor control technology allowing direct torque control to assure precise speed for all applications. It finds its application in cranes, artificial lifting, and winches. This removable module unit is known to have easy to use interface with high energy efficiency. It is capable to be used with any type of AC motor and supports almost all major fieldbus protocols.
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  9. POWER IC Module DU2860U

    Power IC Module DU2860U is comprised of resistors, capacitors, printed circuit board, inductor, and integrated circuit chip in a single unit. It is utilized in various electronic devices to assure efficient power distribution and optimum functioning of devices. This module is greatly admired for having high efficiency, wide input voltage, and low profile. It is known to have easy layout & assembly, low radiated emissions, and hyper speed control.
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  10. MITSUBISHI Module PM200SA060

    Mitsubishi Module PM200SA060 is designed to be utilized in VFD, trains, e-vehicles, variable speed refrigerators, and lamp ballasts. It is based on 7th generation IGBT chip technology with thin wafer technology and light punch through structure. This module is known to have excellent thermal compatibility with improved high power density. It is highly compatible having simplified PCB with built-in protection for short circuit, under voltage, & overheating situations.
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  11. IGBT Module CM600HA-2H

    IGBT Module CM600HA-2H is made having isolated copper base plate which is designed using direct copper binding technology and low inductance case, temperature dependence, & tail current. It is a type of semiconductor power switching device which is utilized as an electronic switch. Known for its high frequency operation, this module is utilized in servo motors, inverters, renewable energy applications, and welding equipments.
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  12. Power IGBT Module QBB150AA60

    Power IGBT Module QBB150AA60 is most commonly used as switching equipment for power converters and is also suitable to be used for high frequency applications. It works by combining simple gate drive feature of MOSFET with low saturation voltage capacity of bipolar transistors. Abbreviated for insulated gate bipolar transistor, this module is a three terminal semiconductor device which is known to have great bipolar current carrying capacity.
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