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  1. Thyristor Scr Gto Modules

      Thyristor Scr Gto Modules are utilized for AC/DC motor control, as line rectifiers, temperature controlling purpose, and for very high voltage applications. They are comprised of two IGBT, where each transistor has a reverse- connected fast recovery diode. These modules are equipped with the heat sinking base, which has been isolated from all of the components & interconnects to provide simplified system assembly. They are greatly admired for their capability to work with high frequency, low saturation voltage, and over current limiting function.
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    • Power Switching Modules

        Power Switching Modules find their application for inverters, solar power panels, electric vehicles, industrial machines, and tidal power plants. They are designed by sintering power semi conductors on an electronic substrate, which provides electrical & thermal contact whenever required. These modules can also be utilized for switching HID, fluorescent ballasts, cathode lightning sources, and electronic & magnetic low voltage devices. They are known for their high durability and optimum performance.
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      • Power Semiconductors Module

          Power Semiconductors Module is a device which is utilized as a rectifier or switch for electrical systems to convert high voltage alternating current power into desired direct current source. It can also be used in integrated circuits as a power IC. This is a type of three terminal semiconductor device having four alternating layers of P-N-P-N junction that are controlled by MOS gate.
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        • Mitsubishi Ipm Module

            Mitsubishi Ipm Module is an integrated device which is capable of controlling high voltage DC to 3 phase output applications. Abbreviated for intelligent power module, it has the ability for drawing excellent performance from IGBT chip. This module has inbuilt self protection functions including short circuit, under voltage, and over temperature. It is highly appreciated for having low power loss, compact structure, and lightweight nature.
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          • IPM Transistor Module

              IPM Transistor Module is widely utilized for renewable energy applications including solar energy inverters and panels. It is also used for traction systems, motor control, UPS, and elevators. This intelligent power module is required for providing optimum voltage to semiconductor devices by receiving from the source. It is highly appreciated for having an inbuilt over current, under voltage, & over temperature protection features. This module is comprised of an input signal terminal, SMT capacitor, IGBT chip, and gate control IC.
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            • Power Transistors Module

                Power Transistors Module is used in welding equipments, SMPS, UPS, motor control, inverters, and industrial machines. It is greatly admired for having low internal parasitic inductance, completely insulated assembly for easy mounting, high current power carrying capacity, and low Rth junction case. This module has minimum of three junctions for connecting to the external circuit, where current is applied to one pair of the terminals and received at the desired voltage to its another part.
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              • MITSUBISHI Rectifier Module

                  Mitsubishi Rectifier Module is used for converting alternating electrical power to direct current source of desired voltage. It is known to have high power efficiency & density, low noise, and short circuit protection. This module allows current to flow only in one direction by a process which is known as rectification. It finds its application for high voltage DC current transmission systems, detecting presence of flame in gas heating systems, and for the detection of amplitude modulated radio signals.
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                • MITSUBISHI PLC Module

                    Mitsubishi PLC Module is required for the efficient and reliable controlling of numerous industrial machines and processing systems. Its working is based on the principle of three terminal insulated gate bipolar transistor semiconductor power device. This module is known to have optimum adaptation and flexible process connection. It provides great flexibility in interfacing with computers and other peripheral systems. This PLC module is comprised of exchangeable interface & I/O adapter boards for upgrading the system.
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                  • MITSUBISHI semiconductor

                      Mitsubishi semiconductor is most commonly utilized in radio, mobile phones, computers, and numerous electronic devices. It is known to have electrical conductivity between the conductors including metals, non-metals, & insulators. It has the ability to work as an insulator at low temperature and conductor at high. This is generally used in combinations of its different types which allow easy control of electrical signals.
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                    • Isolated Transistor Module

                        Key Points
                        • In integrated circuit, isolated transistor ensures smooth transmission of electrical signal between isolated circuits
                        • It also control power supply with optimal voltage level to the circuit
                        • It has a voltage rating upto 240 V and can withstand high temperature conditions
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                      • MITSUBISHI Diode Rectifier

                          Mitsubishi Diode Rectifier is utilized for performing a special process known as rectification, which straightens the direction of electrical, allowing only one directional flow. They can the change the high voltage current received from power source into direct current of low desired voltage for the optimum machine working. Having premium quality vacuum tube diodes, it works by blocking the waveforms positive or negative portion.
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                        • MITSUBISHI IGBT Module

                            Mitsubishi IGBT Module is ideal to be utilized for high voltage and high current applications including inverters and industrial equipments. Based on insulated gate bipolar technology, it has inbuilt protection for over temperature and under voltage situations. This module is also utilized in variable frequency devices, electrical cars, refrigerators, stereo systems, and air conditioners. It is comprised of a PNP bipolar junction formed by n-channel and p+ collector layer.
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