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  1. SANREX IGBT Module

      All components & interconnects of Sanrex IGBT Module are isolated from the heat sinking base plate assuring its simplified nature. It is designed as a functional integration of BJT devices & power MOSFET in monolithic form. This module finds its application for uninterrupted power supplies, welding devices, and AC drive inverter. It is comprised of four alternating layers by p+ collector & n-channel that are controlled by a MOS gate structure.
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    • High Voltage Power Transistor Module

        High Voltage Power Transistor Module is required for rectification or switching of electrical power to assure proper working of machines and equipments. It is a type of semiconductor device which works by converting alternating current into direct current power source of required voltage. This module is designed to be utilized for high voltage power applications and is highly appreciated for its reliability and durability.
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      • High Power Diode Module

          High Power Diode Module is provided with direct copper bonded Al2O3 ceramic with Cu base plate and planar passivated chips. It is known for its compact structure, simple mounting process, improved power & temperature cycling and excellent short circuit protection. This diode module finds its application for DC power equipment, PWM inverter, DC motors, and industrial machines. It is highly appreciated for having high thermal efficiency.
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        • Sanrex Power Module DFA75cb160

            Sanrex Power Module DFA75cb160 is designed to be utilized for both converter & inverter circuits. It is also used as a switching component to provide optimum power voltage supply to the electronic device and machine. Also known as dies, these power semiconductors are soldered on an electronic substrate to assure its reliable and long lasting performance. It also provides thermal & electrical contact and insulation to the system whenever required
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          • SANREX Power Supply Modules

              Sanrex Power Supply Modules are used for providing physical containment for power semiconductor devices. They are widely utilized in the inverters required for renewable energies, solar panels, and variable frequency drives. These modules are highly appreciated for having reduced size & weight. They are required to provide required amount of voltage to the machines and equipments after receiving from the power source.
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            • IGBT Transistor Module

                IGBT Transistor Module is designed to be mainly utilized in electrical systems including converters, inverters, and power supplies. It combines the insulated MOSFET technology with conventional bipolar transistor. This module is highly appreciated for having high input impedance and switching speed with low voltage saturation. It is comprised of n-channel & p+ collector which makes four alternating layers that are controlled by metal oxide semiconductor gate.
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              • SANREX IGBTs Module QCA200A60

                  Sanrex IGBTs Module QCA200A60 is a three terminal switching device having insulated gate technology of MOSFET for its efficient performance. It is extensively utilized in electrical systems to assure transfer of optimum voltage power for their proper working. This module is highly appreciated for its high speed switching and trouble free functionality. It is a type of UPS switching rectifier module with the power supply of about 600V.
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                • SANREX IGBT Module KSB13060

                    Sanrex IGBT Module KSB13060 is compact power converting device which is installed in variable frequency drives, electric cars, and inverters. It is required for the efficient and proper distribution of electrical power to assure long life of machines and devices. This is a type of power semiconductor device which is utilized as an electronic switch. It is known to have very high current handling capability with durable nature.
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                  • SANREX IGBT Module PWB80A40

                      Sanrex IGBT Module PWB80A40 is required for switching electrical power in VFDs, stereo systems with switching amplifiers, variable speed refrigerators, and air conditioners. IGBT chip utilized in this module has a trench gate structure having for alternating layers of p+ collector & n-channel. It is known to have excellent thermal cycle work life due to resin insulated base plate. A high quality diode is also installed for controlling the sudden voltage rise.
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                    • SANREX IGBT Module PWB100A40

                        Sanrex IGBT Module PWB100A40 is a type of semiconductor device that has three terminals for connecting external circuits. It is equipped with a diode for controlling sudden voltage rise works by adding a p layer to the cathode side and injects holes during recovery for softening the waveform. This module is utilized in various electronic devices including general purpose drives, servo units, solar inverters, and wind turbine applications.
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                      • SANREX IGBT Module DF150AA160

                          Sanrex IGBT Module DF150AA160 is comprised of six diodes that are connected in a three phase bridge configurations. It is designed to be used for full wave rectification of three phase having electrically isolated mounting base assuring its simple assembly. This module finds its application for AC/DC motor drive, switching applications, and AVR for 3-phase rectification. It is greatly admired for reduced power dissipation and high speed & optimized switching.
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                        • SANREX IGBT Module DF100AA120

                            Sanrex IGBT Module DF100AA120 finds its application for automotive, industrial machines, LED lighting, motor control & drives, and small e-vehicles. It is known to have high power handling ability with the characteristics of MOSFETs gate drive. This module is equipped with a MOS gate structure, which controls four P-N-P-N alternating layers. It has a bipolar junction created by p+ collector & n-channel. It is highly appreciated for having high efficiency and speedy switching.
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                          • SANREX IGBT Power Module

                              Key Points
                              • Power Igbt is a power semiconductor device that is used as an electronic switch to control the electrical energy
                              • It is used in electric cars, trains, refrigerators, VFD etc.
                              • It weighs around 450 grams and has voltage rating upto 1200 V
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