SCR Thyristor Module

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  1. Mosfet Power Module

    Mosfet Power Module is a field effect transistor which is utilized in microprocessors, digital technologies, CMO S circuits, and analog switches & circuits as well. Abbreviated for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor, it is made using silicone by its controlled oxidation. As compared to bipolar transistors, it does not require any input current in order to control the load. The voltage applied to the gate terminal increases in its enhancement mode whereas reduces in the depletion mode.
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  2. SANKEN Switch Module

    Sanken Switch Module is a compact low noise semiconductor device which is required for converting the AC current into DC mode of desired voltage. It finds its application in medical, commercial, industrial, and information equipments. This module is known to simply Ethernet networking in industrial environments & substations. It has low saturation voltage, high frequency operation, and overcurrent limiting function.
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  3. Power Transistor Module

    Power Transistor Module is required for the amplification & switching of electronic signals for their efficient distribution. It is comprised of an isolated gate FET in order to control the input and a bipolar transistor which works as a switch. This is a three terminal semiconductor device designed to assure its great efficiency and high speed switching. It is utilized for a number of applications including induction heating, traction motor control, and variable frequency drives.
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  4. Power Semiconductor Devices Module

    Power Semiconductor Devices Module is designed to be utilized in a communication mode in various electronic equipments. It also finds its application in integrated circuits as power IC. This module is required as a rectifier or switch for converting high voltage alternating current into required direct current. It can also be used in high voltage direct current transmission lines. This module is highly appreciated for its long lasting operational life and excellent efficiency.
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  5. IXYS Thyristor Diode

    IXYS Thyristor Diode is used in power converter, motor control, industrial furnaces & chemical process for heat & temperature control, and contactless switches. It is a solid state semiconductor device having p collector & n-channel four alternating layers. This diode is designed using solder bond technology in high pressure contact. It has been equipped with an electrically isolated base plate with compact & light structure.
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